White Belt First Stripe Requirements


You may be wondering, “What are the Jiu Jitsu white belt requirements for a first stripe?”

The most accurate answer depends upon your instructor, so you should check with him or her. This is a general guide for what you will need to know before you get that first stripe on your white belt.

Proper Etiquette
1. Tying the belt – Quick instructional here
2. Bow in procedure – You’ll figure that out on your first night

1. Hip escape (shrimping)
2. Hip escape to the knees (shrimp to knees)
4. Four point base
5. Forward roll
6. Backward roll
7. Forward Break fall
8. Stand up in to base (technical stand-up)

1. Basic judo stance and grips
2. Basic Wrestling stance and grips
3. Sprawl
4. Hip throw counter

1. Posture breaking (bottom)
2. Keeping posture (top)

Side Control
1. Basic pressure and control points (top)
2. Basic frames and hip movement (bottom)
3. Mount prevention (bottom)

1. Basic control theory (top)
2. Proper arm position (bottom)
3. Upa escape (bottom)

Back Mount
1. Basic position

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