Jiu Jitsu Resources

My entry into Brazillian Jiu Jitsu has been helped tremendously by a few key resources that are highlighted below.  I’ve also added a few recommended to me by others I trust.

 Jiu Jitsu University – Saulo Ribeiro


Ribeiro illustrates his system of grappling with detailed photographs that show the progression of each technique. More than 200 techniques are described and the layout of the chapters takes you from the basic techniques of a white belt to the advanced maneuvers of a black belt. He also shows common jiu-jitsu errors and practical remedies. Excellent resource.

Drill to Win – Andre Galvao


As I’ve mentioned, there is an important key to learning Jiu Jitsu and being able to use it without having to stop and think:  DRILLING.  This book was the first Jiu Jitsu book I purchased after my instructor recommended it.  Galvao illustrates each drill with step-by-step photographs that show every part of the sequence.  Some of them are solo drills and some are partner drills.  I would stop acting like a white belt if I used this book more often to do my own drills at home, and so would you.

Gracie Combatives

Gracie Combatives

If you want to spend some time in self-study before joining a school, then this is a great place to start.  This DVD set is very comprehensive and very detailed.  A great choice also for those who don’t have a BJJ school in their area.

Roy Dean – Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Seminars: Year One


I’ve enjoyed Roy’s White Belt app for the iPad, but this DVD was more direct training for white belts.  He is a very clear teacher and his movements are incredibly fluid and enjoyable to watch.